Oh my God I can’t believe how fast time flies.  This year is going to be my third mother’s day as a mother.  I enjoy every single moment I have with my son Matthew who Ma’ Cake is named after.  Mother’s day is coming this Sunday.

As some of you may know we ran a mother’s day competition where we asked people to submit their mother’s story.  The winner is Helen.  Her story put me in tears.  Helen’s mum certainly deserves a personalized cake for mother’s day and this is her mother’s story.

Mum was born as the third child in her family on 11 kids. Being the oldest daughter in a Greek village in the 40s and 50s, she was confined to the house all day helping her mother with daily chores and taking care of the kids. My mother did not go to school – her education spanned 2 weeks of primary school and nothing more.

She migrated to Australia in the 60s and began working right away, even though there was a language barrier. Within months, she met my dad and 6 months later they were married. They had $50 to their name and nothing else, but dad worked hard and so did mum – mum she knew the value of the dollar; her family at home would struggle to get by, and meat was a luxury food item, as was oil.

Meanwhile, mum and dad tried to have a child to complete their family. However, for 19 years, mum and dad struggled to have a child of their own. Mum has had 8 miscarriages, and was often discouraged by family members and told she should stop trying. But she persisted – she persisted until I came along, her only child.

Since then, my mother has always done everything for myself and my father – she cooks, cleans, takes care of us and most importantly, she gives us her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Love is the main thing, as it is so hard to come by these days… and this is love in its purest form. Apart from taking care of me, she takes care of my father. My dad has severe arthritis.  She is patient, even at times where I cannot be. She is caring, at times when I lose faith in him. She is understanding, even when I am not.

The relationship I have with my mum is rare – and although there is a huge age gap, I can say that I get along with her better than with anyone else. My mother will hide money from dad, or save extra just to take me shopping and buy me things I need or want. She will go without so that I can have the best of everything. She is my confidante, my best friend and I love her for it.

Coming from an environment where money is scarce, she has worked with my dad to create a home of her own and to provide her child with a life where she wouldn’t have to ask for anything. My mum is worth more than just a $400 cake (please don’t take offence!) – she is worth all the money in the world… and then some. But I hope I do win the cake for her, as she loves cake art and personalised gifts.

I’ve written this with a smile on my face, but tears in my eyes – words cannot do justice to how wonderful and special my mum is. I’m sure you understand!