As I watch my son and my husband making cookie dough, I was so impressed at my son’s ability for attention to details… I didn’t realize that He’s actually been watching what I do when I decorate the cake.  He actually told my husband to use corn flour so the cookie dough doesn’t stick on the kitchenette…  That caught me by surprise..  Let alone for him to remember what ingredients needed for the cookie recipe..  That was the proudest moment of my life.  It made me wonder is it really happening??  How could it be that a 3 year old remember cookie recipe ingredients??  My husband and I were just looking at each other amazed when he brought all of the ingredients out of the pantry and put them on the kitchenette and told us that we need to help him with the measurement..  Wow… I can’t believe that he’s showing so much interest in baking…  Please have a look at some of his cookie creation.. It’s not so much about the shape but to me it’s all about his learning progress…  I’m looking forward as he gets older and what other things he’ll do in his life…  Do you have any proudest moment of your life about your kids that you’d like to share with me?