Seeing my son’s beautiful smile is one of the most wonderful experiences in my life and I’m lucky enough to experience it many times every day. I also get a great deal of joy out of seeing the smile on my customer’s face when I deliver my cakes and cupcakes. It is a fantastic feeling knowing my creations can give someone such joy.

Since starting ma’cake a bit over a year ago, I have become much more aware of the incredible skill and creativity of my fellow cake decorators. Although they are technically competitors, it’s more of a community of peers. Recently my awareness has also been growing of the amazing skill of event stylists who put together beautiful dessert tables. I have tried making a couple myself, which has made me realise the skill required to achieve the amazing results that the professional event stylists achieve.

These are two of my own attempts.

Here is some of my favourite dessert tables by some amazing event stylists. Truly inspiring work.

Halloween dessert table by Mon Tresor

Carnival dessert table by Candy Soiree

Bunny’s dessert table by Mrs A in the Cove

Manchester United dessert table by Fairydust Stylish Stationery