European Sweet Adventure

Shame on me for neglecting my blog for so long. Where do all the hours go? There just never seem to be enough hours in the [...]

Lets make a difference

First I’d like to say Happy New Year to everyone…  I can’t believe that it’s 2011 already..  Gosh time flies… Yes I know, it’s been a [...]

Beautiful Dessert Tables – Learning in progress

Seeing my son's beautiful smile is one of the most wonderful experiences in my life and I'm lucky enough to experience it many times every day...

My first private lessons

It’s been a while since my last blog… I’ve been absent because I had to move house.  Gosh what a nightmare...  Anyway all done now.. I’ve been [...]

Adriano Zumbo V8 Cake Review

Remember when I said I’m on my way to pick up the V8 cake from Adriano Zumbo? Considering the complexity of the cake, it is well [...]

My Son the baker

As I watch my son and my husband making cookie dough, I was so impressed at my son’s ability for attention to details… I didn’t realize [...]

Pentecost Viva La Fiesta Church Charity Event

...I’m very proud that on that day we sold the fried noodles and 100 cupcakes within just 1 hour. I consider that as quite an achievement....

Mothers Day Competition Cake Delivery

As I walked into the house, I can feel the warmth of the family.  They’re just so welcoming and very family orientated as I can see [...]

Matthew’s Birthday

... He just loves all of the toys from the CARS movie especially Lighting Mc Queen. He loves it that much that when I did the cars figurine for the cake and cupcake, he thought it was his toys and he start playing with them.. OMG I was like… You can’t do that.. You’ll crash them.. And he answer me very calmly said isn’t what a racing car supposed to do?? To crash at each other.. I just stop and cuddle him and I don’t know what to say anymore…

Mother’s day competition… The winner is…

... Meanwhile, mum and dad tried to have a child to complete their family. However, for 19 years, mum and dad struggled to have a child of their own. Mum has had 8 miscarriages, and was often discouraged by family members and told she should stop trying. But she persisted - she persisted until I came along, her only child....

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